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Sensorial exploration of color色染めし、高鳴る心

A gradation of colors that leaves behind infinite depth and vivid memories. Sophisticated creativity with a contemporary sensibility and meticulous attention to detail. Wearing this jewelry will stimulate your senses and enhance your inner emotions. J.ANDO explores new horizons in cloisonne jewelry and pursues the supremacy of colors.

  • Red is the great clarifier bright and revealing. I can't imagine becoming bored with red it would be like becoming bored with the person you love.

    Diana Vreeland

    Cloisonne red with a translucent red Akasuke glaze, also known as "pigeon blood," attracts people worldwide. The fiery color, like a ruby, fills the wearer with confidence.

  • The sun is up, the sky is blue; It’s beautiful, and so are you.

    John Lennon

    An endless coastline. Beyond it, the sky and the sea blend together in a gradation. The sapphire-like blue color makes your inner nobility shine brightly together with transparent tranquility.

  • The dawn was apple-green, The sky was green wine held up in the sun,
    The moon was a golden petal between …

    D. H. Lawrence, ‘Green’

    A green that symbolizes the beauty of cloisonne, like jade, treasured in Japan throughout olden times. A color that only the chosen may possess, with a sophisticated design. A gem to spend the years together.


Cloisonne warecompany,establishedin 1880

Cloisonne takes its name from the gold or silver filaments soldered to a metal surface creating tiny compartments called cloisons.
J.ANDO was established in 1880, shortly after the birth of contemporary cloisonne enamelware. Today, the company continues to broaden the possibilities of cloisonne enamel art, both by carrying on the tradition and through constant innovation.


    History of J.ANDO

    Sataro Kaji, the grandson of Tsunekichi Kaji inventor of contemporary cloisonne enamelware, has served as the factory manager for the Ando Cloisonne enamelware store since its establishment, inheriting the precise and intricate skills and craftsmanship of his grandfather. The company participated in Expositions across the globe, including those in Europe and the United States, and has received various awards and garnered admiration.
    J.ANDO now reflects the historic expertise and creativity of Ando Cloisonne. Enjoy the world of jewelry, which breathes fresh life into cloisonne enamel.


    Opening the vividly colored door to the abyss

    The beauty of clear, transparent colors created by the glassy glaze is the identity of cloisonne enamelware. The everlasting radiance of cloisonne enamelware has attracted multiple creators and domestic and international celebrities.
    J.ANDO reinvents cloisonne jewelry by blending sophisticated design and traditional techniques inherited from the past. Wearing J.ANDO's jewelry will make your heart soar and fill you with renewed strength.


    Bringing cloisonne enamelware into the future

    Just as cloisonne has always evolved with the times, J.ANDO continues to innovate while respecting tradition. J.ANDO will continue to make jewelry that transcends generations and gender, andcreate the supreme color while incorporating an aesthetic sense of the times.


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Sensorial exploration of color色染めし、高鳴る心